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    I am printmaker, painter and dollmaker who incorporates these skills into also making books. I am interested in everyday, utilitarian objects and try to help others see these items with fresh insight. Read more...
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Downsized Sale Sign1761

Learning to Blog

I certainly have not done very well at posting a monthly blog.    I intend to blame it on the blog I posted last August — when I published it, it appeared without the photos I had inserted originally.   It has taken me all this time to figure out how to correct and resubmit … Continue reading

What I did on my summer vacation, 2011…

I had a busy summer and totally neglected my once a month goal of posting a blog.   In addition to finally getting my studio organized (unfortunately, it is again a mess), I attended a conference, taught 4 camp sessions on bookbinding, taught papermaking for a week, and taught a day long workshop on bookbinding.   … Continue reading

Am I a “real” artist?

Am I a “real” artist?   Perhaps a better question would have been what is a “real” artist?   There are probably a lot of different answers to that question.  I recognize now that in my mind a “real” artist was an artist that makes an income with their art or at least breaks even between … Continue reading


Am I a Real Artist Yet?, part 3…

Am I a Real Artist Yet?, part 3…   First, I have decided that there will be no “Am I a Real Artist Yet?, part 5.   If I don’t feel like I am a real, honest to goodness artist by August, then I probably will never feel that I am.    But don’t worry too much, … Continue reading


Am I A Real Artist Yet?, part 2

I am closer to feeling like a real artist than I felt last month, but I still have a ways to go. I did figure out how to label each photo in the galleries—and immediately after figuring it out realized that the web creator had indeed given me instructions for doing so.  Since then, I … Continue reading

ABC book

Am I A Real Artist Yet?

Three months have passed since my graduation and I am wondering what I have done to become a full fledged artist?   I had intended to celebrate my graduation by announcing my website to any and all interested…but after much procrastination, I still haven’t announced my website.  Why? Is it because I am afraid of failure? … Continue reading

mbm at exhbit

Last Week of Last Semester in My Undergrad Career

While my classmates have been much younger than I, and even many of the professors, my academic age is that of a graduating senior and I have “senioritis.” With only ten or so days left in the semester I have two paintings to finish, a poster size etching to print, fifteen books to bind into … Continue reading


Returning To School

In March of 2005 a new friend asked why I didn’t return to school and get a university degree.  When I asked, “What would be the point at my age?” he replied, “because it would make you happy.”   Wow – what a concept…to do something just because it would make me happy…not an action I … Continue reading